786 Enfield Street
Enfield, CT 06082


Extremely Kind & Welcoming

This store is great! They are small, but considering their size, they have a great variety. The owners were extremely kind & welcoming. I recently decided I would cook more Japanese dishes for the health benefits. I walked in with a LONG list & the owner was kind enough to walk me through the store & recommend brands. They kept up a friendly conversation & even helped me carry my bags to my car! I didn’t even ask, but because I had my infant with me they offered. I had a wonderful experience & would love to see this business grow.

- Diana R. Chicopee, MA (Via Yelp.com)

Wonderful Trip!

My trip to the Omi Oriental Grocery this morning was a wonderful trip. The grocery store was spotless and very clean.  The store is well stocked with many ingredients for great cooking. The pricing was very reasonable and one stop shopping

The owner was extremely informative and also recommended using their supply of fresh herbs on hand. If we have oriental cooking enthusiast please make the trip to the Omi Oriental Grocery in Enfield, CT. Driving is easy only a minute off of I-91.

At this time I’m already preparing list for my next trip to Enfield, CT.

- Ron R. Woodstock, CT (Via Yelp.com)

Most Happy to Have My Kimchi Fix Nearby...

Was so happy to hear this place moved closer to me from Springfield! They had a rough go with permits before they could open, but they’re slowly setting up more and more over time. I’m most happy to have a kimchi fix nearby. They offer radish and cabbage kimchi of various sizes (i think a couple of them may be homemade). All the basic things you need to cook with or snack on. (Real) sushi rice, kewpie mayonnaise, all the hot sauces you want, rice flour, vietnamese rice wrappers, fresh udon or dry ones, fermented soybean paste, miso, gochujang sauce, soy sauce, ramen, tofu, etc.

My only wish is that they would stock up on more fruits/veggies. They have the awesome Asian sweet potato and napa cabbage, but that’s it. I’m sure if people knew they could get more interesting greens and veggies like bok choy, potatoes, korean peppers, korean squash, shiitake mushrooms, as well as the usual scallions, onions, they’d frequent it more. That was one of my biggest reasons why I preferred going to Asian groceries: the veggies were more than just spinach and iceberg lettuce and carrots. I loved the variety I could buy. I’d love to see perilla leaves, and marinated soybean sprouts, but maybe all this is something that won’t be as appreciated in the area and not worth to keep them in fresh stock. So this place is good for some basics plus some; but unfortunately I’ll still have to trek to W. Hartford’s A Dong Supermarket for the fruits/veggies.

Definitely check out the ice cream freezer and get some delicious fruit bars (Melona is a good brand.. the mango and honeydew is my favorite). Also, you can get packs of 4 (or 5?) of the Nongshim ramen. And the tteok rice cakes to add to soups is always a plus. Prices are pretty reasonable; not rock bottom cheap but also not crazy expensive.

UPDATE: 12/30/15

FYI: I’ve returned and they have been stocking some more veggies! Asian sweet potatoes, Asian eggplant, scallions, hot chili peppers, etc. Some days the veggies look better than other days, but on the most part, usually pretty good.

- MD Manhattan, NY (Via Yelp.com)